AXES is coming to G2E to show what it can offer a fast-changing industry. 

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Our CEO, Earle G. Hall, spoke with Gaming America to give the rundown of the products we're excited to exhibit at G2E, give a glimpse into the R&D that makes these products possible, and explains why this year's trade show is going to be revolutionary for the industry.

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At AXES, AI means also actionable intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be construed as a buzz word like so many before that have come and gone. But this time things are different. AXES collects data to build tools to empower its clients to better manage their operations, increase profit, work smarter instead of harder and be more compliant.

Information is the most strategic resource in any organization. It empowers the heart of the organization (its people) to make intelligent, timely decisions based on facts and proven trends. We are now entering an era where information overload will be the norm and humans will have more and more difficulties to sift through the millions of bits of information to make a micro decision based on macro influence and pressure.

This is where Artificial Intelligence minds the gap. AI can use powerful algorithms to support humans to do what they do best. So AI will be the competitive edge in the near future. Our goal at AXES is to empower the people with powerful data. We are just starting significant AI development like most other companies but our edge is that we already have the data to generate actionable intelligence. 

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