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AXES Media: Revolutionizing DOOH Standards. Ignite your brand’s presence with 100% digital screens, immersive video experiences, and flawless programmatic execution across all channels. Our platform has showcased leading brands’ campaigns with Trade Desk, Google DV360, and industry giants. Immerse your audience in the most vibrant and compelling DOOH units. Your brand’s resonance is our top priority.

Dedicated Audience

Dedicated to an audience on the lookout for opportunities, brands, and product owners have plenty of room to shine in this new network.

Front-Facing Screens

By its proximity to the player and its strategic front-face positioning, the impressions generated from the ad plays are of the highest quality.

Player-Centric Platform

AXES DooH Media is a player-centric advertising platform, which integrates slot machine screens.

Highly Engaging Digital

Out-of-Home Experience!

Expand your reach as users shift across screens to a highly engaging, user-initiated environment.

Generate a high impact by taking over all ad spaces in the room!

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AXES.ai Inventory is Available Through All Leading Programmatic Exchanges

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